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Welcome to IsthmusParents, a website entirely devoted to Madison-area parents and children.
IsthmusParents amplifies the best stuff to do with kids, and the best stuff for kids to do, and the aim is to deliver all the information needed to successfully navigate parenthood in and around Madison, Wisconsin.
IsthmusParents hopes to build in-person and online communities through the shared experience of raising families. Resources include views on food, health, extracurricular activities, friends, kid media, toys and games, and more, and features freewheeling blogger Mama Madison, who is ready to chat when she’s not on the fly!
Take a look around, and tell us what you think, and, above all, please support the endeavor with your advertising dollars. Isthmus will bring you the largest possible audience, across a multimedia landscape.

IsthmusParents is a good place to advertise

If you want to reach parents with buying power, the Isthmus audience is your target. There are 90,000 “affluent full-nesters” in the local market, and the Isthmus audience includes 42 percent of them. And Isthmus has big reach with working moms with big incomes:

  • Isthmus reaches 40 percent of local working mothers with $75,000 or more in household income. That’s twice the number Madison Magazine reaches, more than twice what Channel 3 News reaches, and almost three times as many as Brava. was designed for Madison’s busy parent.
  • The Isthmus audience includes 40 percent of the total market for people with kids at home, and 45 percent of those with children under the age of six.

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