3 Easy Toddler Meal Ideas

easy toddler meal ideas

Being a parent is such a fulfilling role to play. However, it can get a little hard especially when you have to balance a number of things together. Thus as a parent, you are always looking for ways to speed up how you go about things. Preparing food for the little bundles of joy is one of the most important tasks of a parent. The trick is to find some quick meals to prepare while also ensuring that they have the right nutrients, There are a variety of easy toddler meals that you can prepare to feed your baby.

Avocado toast and apple slices

Avocados are packed with delicious goodness not to mention their nutritional benefit. When served on bread, they go together to make a flavorful combination. Your toddler may enjoy the avocado toast while chugging down some warm milk. Since apples have a sweet but savory taste, bitting on them after will be a perfect way to end the meal. Ensure you cut the apple slices into tiny bits for the toddler’s safety.

avocado toast

Shredded chicken and broccoli

This would make such a quick and easy lunchtime meal. The thing about toddler meals is that they can be made from leftovers then altered to suit them. You can shred some leftover chicken then serve with a dipping sauce since most toddlers love sauces. Some well-chopped broccoli just brings the meal together.

Shredded chicken and broccoli

Vegetable soup and diced grapes

Getting our babies to eat veggies can be hard. The easiest way to get vegetables into their system is by boiling your desired vegetables to make a tasty soup. Your baby will be done eating really quickly. Afterward you can allow them to chew on their diced grapes slowly.

Vegetable soup

The great thing about these toddler meals is the ease of preparation. They can also be very tasty which will make them quite enjoyable.

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